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Having the best lawn and landscaping on the block is not an easy or quick process, so why waste your days off laboring away outside in the sun. GreenKnight Landscaping is your complete solution.

Lawn Mowing:

Here at Greenknight Landscaping we are known for our excellent quality of work when it comes to taking care of our customers lawns. We are at your property on a weekly basis completing approximately 28 cuts for the season ranging from the months of April-November. We offer two different billing options -seasonal or month to month- to suit everyone's needs. 

Fall and Spring Cleanups:

We provide spring cleaning to spruce up your landscaping after harsh winters. This includes trimming shrubs, laying mulch, removing weeds and much more. We also offer fall cleaning to make insure any leaves that drop are removed and not left throughout your property resulting in potential damage. 

Summer Maintenance: 

With round the clock maintenance, property owners know they can count on Greenknight Landscaping to keep their properties looking their best. Count on us to provide you with meticulous summer maintenance services including:

  • Removing any weeds that come up

  • Trimming on any shrubs that have tendency of growing fast

  • Re-application of fresh mulch

  • Planting of summer flowers

  • And much more

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